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Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: BlueArmy: SubyLuby: 13: 12000: 2: DieElite: Reselia: 11: 10000: 3: Synarchie: AyranFlow: 10: 9000: 4: ElfenLied: Aztec: 6: 5000: 5: BlueDestroye: NiceTry: 6: 5000: 6: Anatolia: Oryantalist: 4: 3000: 7: Supremacy: CeltyI: 4: 3000: 8: SparTa: ZoobZoobZooB: 3: 2000: 9: GanjaFamily: Cartof: 1: General. A guild is a group of players with similar interests and ideas when it comes to the interplay. With the right guild is always pleasant company and help each other in leveling or the fulfillment of quests . Its own guild, you can create at level 40 for 200,000 Yang at Guardian Metin2 Guild Ranking System. Started by Blaze. Feb 2, 2021. Replies: 0. C++ / DIFF / Source. Metin2 [C ++] Deactivation After leaving a guild, you must wait 1 day. Started by Vanilla. Sep 30, 2020. Replies: 0 Start date. May 11, 2021. Tags. download game guild metin2 rank. May 11, 2021. #1. To view the content, you need to Sign In or Register . You must log in or register to reply here. Thread starter

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Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: 1teGarde: HattoriHanzo: 20: 19000: 2: AFK: PFanne: 20: 19000: 3: ARMAGEDDON: Kunai: 20: 19000: 4: BaZinga: SpackJarrow: 20: 19000: 5: BlackElite: TheNight: 20: 19000: 6: BlackPearl: LadyTara: 20: 19000: 7: BloodLust: iBumsDieUm: 20: 19000: 8: CCE: H0nk: 20: 19000: 9: DeadlySins: xIDenisIx: 20: 19000: 10: DREAMS: Ashiko: 20: 1900 Iniciar sesión ¿Olvidaste la contraseña? https://metin2restart.com/|32D1FTE9MXDKVQY Ranking Guilda. O ranking é atualizado uma vez por dia. As informações contidas aqui foram contabilizadas até o dia 24/10/2021 void RegisterGuildName(DWORD dwID, const char * c_szName, int rank); Open PythonGuild.cpp-t and search for RegisterGuildName function: Modify: void CPythonGuild::RegisterGuildName(DWORD dwID, const char * c_szName, int rank) { GuildNameRank gnr; gnr.name = std::string(c_szName); gnr.rank = rank; m_GuildNameMap.insert(make_pair(dwID, gnr));

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  1. Metin2.WS - Guilds. 0 Players online. 0 Players online (24h) 14 Accounts created
  2. Calliope is an international free to play MMORPG game. Attractive equipment, dungeons, missions, well-developed PVM and PVP gameplay, daily events
  3. Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: DieElite: Reselia: 15: 14000: 2: BlueArmy: SubyLuby: 14: 13000: 3: ElfenLied: Aztec: 13: 12000: 4: 7DS: Derieri: 13: 12000: 5.

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The guild leader can ask Guild Warsor accept Guild War requests from other guild leader. Both guilds need at least 8 members to perform a guild war. Once such a guild war has been accepted, each member of the guild gets on his quest scrolls a request, if it wants to join the guild war. If the question is answered with Yes, you will be. If you win against a guild that has never won before, you don't get many ranking points (or rewards). In case you beat a very successful guild, you receive more ranking points (and more rewards). In any case I'd recommend not to decrease the loser's ranking as this would reduce motivation to have a guild war

You receive rank points for your place in the world boss rankings. All players' rank points will be published on the Metin2 website and updated every day at midnight, so you can see each day how high you've climbed in the rankings. Each kingdom has two rankings of its own: one for characters and one for guilds Ranking Gildia Lider gildii Królestwo Level Punkty; 1: Vlaicu: KingOfWords: 27: 241171: 2: PathFinderS: BaIonute: 20: 172634: 3: A55A55INII: xxANY25xx: 20: 145055: 4: ISENGARD: lRebela: 27: 127568: 5: SPARTA: gabyeu: 26: 114037: 6: TheAvengers: Avengers: 20: 70090: 7: WildRoseS07: NIMH: 22: 58282: 8: 7UP: YunQi: 20: 55053: 9: REGII: BUNAA: 20: 54121: 10: Arcasull: SweetEye: 20: 5297 Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: Renegades: DANIELSEN: 20: 25284: 2: MareGreseala: Melody: 20: 23703: 3: Force: FarmerNo1: 20: 22427: 4: Redemption: godLee: 20.

Guild Líder Império Nível Pontos; 21: error314: AriuSGaminG: 20: 19000: 22: Eternals: Ainhoa: 20: 19000: 23: FamilyMoreno: LitKillah: 20: 19000: 24: GameOver. Guild Ranking in Scripts / Systems category by ASIKOO's developer on Metin2 Download.. Name Empire Level EXP; 1: Lory: 82: 59550288: 2: Souglakos: 80: 244509273: 3: Ultimate: 80: 176688582: 4: Buffu: 80: 126367560: 5: Neeko: 76: 22237156: 6. Metin2 Pserver - What is that? Simply put, a Metin2 PServer is the following: From the basic structure, the same game as the official Metin2 server, but in most cases they got new content and game improving features.Pservers are mostly the complete opposite to the official Metin2, what you know. Fast achievements, high game fun and Attention to detail is what makes up the majority of private.

0 7. Metin2FRZ Lvl max 99 PvP-FUN Farm 99,00% Up time, No Lag, Instant Lvl, System Title, System Fum arma/armura, Iteme Premium, Costume Perso, Esarfe 3D, Rank 6. More Details Puntos de Rank. También llamados Puntos de Karma. Consiste en una puntuación, común para cada jugador, que cubre el rango entre -20.000 y 20.000 puntos. Entregan ventajas o desventajas, por igual, según el Rank sea positivo o negativo. Poniendo un personaje en modo Libre, por cada personaje que se mate se perderán 2.000 puntos de Rank C++ | Metin2 | Discord_rpc [Window, Rank, Map, Name, Guild, Race, Empire] Metin2Alaska - Serverul pe care toti incearca sa-l copieze (ps: copia nu are valoare) ! Te asteptam Metin2 Private Server Top 5. Max. Lv 120. Max. Lv 120. Origins2 Global, an international PvM Medium server with max level 105 and new dungeons.Join us and discover a truly captivating server! Max. Lv 150. Max

In my guild, all ranks can view every tab. However, they can only withdraw from certain tabs without a promotion. When you have it set up like this, new members can see what is inside every tab, but they have to contact a higher ranking member to pull something out of a locked tab a.k.a. What Do I Do With Ten Rank Slots?! Summary This is a compilation of responses to a thread started on the old Guild Relations forums about why and how to set up guild ranks. This FAQ exists entirely because of the amazing people on the Guild Relations forum. I've put it together in the hopes that others can benefit from our veterans' experiences as much as I have. This document does. Metin2. Metin2W. Top 100 » Guilds. Top 100 » Ranking Guilds. Search. Players; Guilds # Guild Leader Empire Level Points; Nothing here... User panel. User name or Email Password Login. Forget yout password? Statistics. 0. Players online


Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: FaQ: Lau1337: 20: 19000: 2: styled: Stylish: 20: 19000: 3: PDV: Warr3llL: 19: 18000: 4: BlueSky: AA: 17: 16000: 5: NoName: NoLeac. More Info. Accept. Welcome to the Land of Heroes. Immerse yourself in a world full of wonders and conquer the Land of Heroes! You can choose to be a warrior, an assassin, a sura or a shaman but the path of your character depends only on you! Register. Fight the hardest dungeons. You can fight a lot of dungeons in groups - or alone if you're a. Guilda Mestre Império Nível Pontos; 1: BlackCover: ReiMAGO: 20: 19000: 2: BlackUnioN: Ivory: 20: 19000: 3: Kamikaze: Krono: 20: 19000: 4: 30PRAUM: zBruxOz: 20.

A system for metin2. Contribute to blackdragonx61/Metin2-Rank-System development by creating an account on GitHub 15.04.20 - Find many new items in the new treasure chest event that will be useful to yo

Contribute to Chrissulici/Discord_rpc-Window-Rank-Map-Name-Guild-Race-Empire- development by creating an account on GitHub Players online (24h) Metin2 Ara - International. Welcome to Metin2 Ara - International, the international server opens on 02.09.2021 at 20:00 (Romanian time). Invite your friends and take part in the biggest fight! News

Gremio Lider Reino Nivel Puntos; 1: Carpinchos: Marevik: 15: 14000: 2: eyendaS: XXXABELXXX: 14: 13000: 3: TheDestroyer: LordOfDestro: 13: 12000: 4: Gummy: Kroetkov. Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: FAME: MilanHarcos: 125: 126500: 2: Istenek: Molly: 125: 125000: 3: Armageddon: Armi: 125: 124000: 4: BloodKnights: Kelilyze: 125.

Keine Ranking-Daten gefunden . Highscore Das Metin2-Logo und das Webzen-Logo sind Markenzeichen von Webzen Inc. Alle anderen Markenzeichen sind das Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer. Veröffentlicht von der Gameforge 4D GmbH. Impressum AGB Datenschutzerklärung Guild Leader Empire Level Points; 1: BlueLegendS: Bachus: 19: 18000: 2: RoFriends: ARCHANGEL: 1: Porta: Status: Canal 1: Online: Mysql: Online: Login: Online: Ranking. Metin2 Globa PvE Guilds ranking . Last Database Update : 20 Dec 2019 - Guilds with 1/8 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode - Add a guild . Rank Faction Name Realm Killed Boss Nb Achieved Score; 1. Complexity Limit : US-Illidan : 8 / 8 : Jul 29, 2019.

Metin2 - FuriaGamesVídeo do Farm da Guild UNIAO contra os Blue e Reds que vieram invadir nosso Reino.Curta: https://www.facebook.com/bladygame Guild Líder Império Nível Pontos; 1: BlueEmpire: GENERAL: 20: 19450: 2: Crocodilos: Feromonius: 18: 17000: 3: Konoha: Naruto: 16: 15000: 4: FairyTail: Gildarts: 12. Regras Mt2-Parthenon : Ofensas, insultos, linguagem estrangeira, uso de abreviaturas com o intuito insultuoso, spam, publicidade, lojas, entre outros comportamentos que possam ser considerados, como por exemplo o uso de caracteres chineses e alteração da font do Mt2-Parthenon . 1.ª Violação - O jogador será bloqueado por 1 dia. 2.ª. Posição Guild Líder de Guild Reino Nível Pontos; 1: TaintedxLove: Wobelix: 20: 1452746591: 2: OldWeshna: Wmiraculix: 5: 1376228643: 3: Thunder: Baumelfe: 20.

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Avrora2 je orientální akční MMORPG hra. Staň se bojovníkem a ukaž, co v tobě je. Nyní můžete hrát zdarma Hoje é a data do lançamento OFICIAL do Metin2 Tech! Nós da equipe desejamos á todos um bom jogo e uma ótima experiência! Dúvidas, Suporte e Ativação de Cash mandar mensagem (11)99106-2602. Att, [DEV]Tech. 2021-08-27 19:16:05 Posição Guild Líder de Guild Reino Nível Pontos; 11: BaumHirte: Vivianna: 31: 22201060: 12: PvmGmbH: IBurnoutI: 23: 17745568: 13: PhoeniX: Rosalia: 31: 16797775.

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  1. Metin2 - Ranking. Server: Laat keizerrijk zien: Zoek naar een gilde: Zoek . volgende 10 ranken >> Rank Gilde Gildeheerser Het Metin2-logo en het Webzen-logo zijn handelsmerken van Webzen Inc. Alle andere handelsmerken zijn het eigendom van hun respectievelijke eigenaars
  2. Metin2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) originally developed by Ymir Entertainment (now owned by Webzen Games) and originally released in Korea in 2004. It has since been published in many European countries and in the United States by Gameforge 4D GmbH. Other versions exist in Asian languages.. Gameplay. Experience points are earned every time the player kills.
  3. Guilds are like never-ending parties that allows people to be offline! Form a guild with a VIP+ or higher and recruit players to join your guild and race for the #1 Position! /g can also be used instead of /guild (this is optional, but recommended) By Default, a guild has just 3 ranks. Master, Officer, and Member, however following the Guild Update, players can create multiple ranks, with.
  4. Players online: 0: Accounts created: 14: Players online (24h) Ranking # Name Empire; 1: Metin
  5. Metin2 - Ranking. Serwer: România Țara Românească Carpathians Magyarország Česko Polska Polyphemos Lyncirium. Pokaż królestwo: [wszystkie królestwa] Królestwo Shinsoo Królestwo Chunjo Królestwo Jinno

Players online (24h): 4. Foru Metin2 - Sıralama. Sunucu: Anadolu Dandanakan Barbaros Ezel Türkiye Marmara Ege Arkadaşlar Bagjanamu Kehribar. Krallığı göster: [tüm krallıklar] Shinsoo Krallığı Chunjo Krallığı Jinno Krallığı Legends of Mt2. Legends of Mt2. Sua conta ainda não foi ativada, click aqui para reenviar o E-mail de Cadastro Download Jogo Ranking Guild Ranking Kills Comunidade Facebook Face - Grupo YouTube Twitter DOAÇÃO PIN Code Adquirir.

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  1. Metin2 - Rangliste. Server: Germania Teutonia France Europe Italia Portugal España Azrael Tigerghost Luna Amber. Reich anzeigen: [alle Reiche] Shinsoo-Reich Chunjo-Reich Jinno-Reich
  2. Metin2 - Highscore. Server: Germania Teutonia France Europe Italia Portugal España Azrael Tigerghost Luna Amber. Vis rige: [alle riger] Shinsoo-Riget Chunjo-Riget Jinno-Riget
  3. Kozmosis-Mt2. 11 likes · 12 talking about this. Kozmosis-Mt2 Çok Yakında. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open Chat Emoji System Guild War permit System Guild Score System Guild Open Leader System Advanced Guild War Surface Guild Ranking System Guild Leader and General Color System.
  4. Guild Residence In Metin2 when a guild meets specified prerequisites the guild leader may invest in land, create a guild property and make their individual guild mark. In buy to do that, the guild should have sufficient resources and gold which must be contributed by the guild members
  5. Logo-ul Metin2 și logo-ul Webzen sunt mărci înregistrate ale Webzen Inc. Toate celelalte mărci sunt proprietatea deținătorilor lor. Publicat de Gameforge 4D GmbH. Imprint T&Cs Politica de confidenţialitate
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The server is offline. Last update: 18.10.2021 # Name Empire; 1: PAULA: 2: Hard2KiLL: The server is offline. Last update: 18.10.202 As Guerras de Guilds são importantes porque podem medir forças e classificam-se em pontuação no ranking de Guilds. O líder da Guild pode enviar ou receber convites de Guilds se ambas tiverem no mínimo 8 membros. Existem três tipos de Guerras de Guilds: Guerra Campal; Local: Todos os mapas do jogo OLivaMt2 Metin2 pvp,Metin2 pvp serverler,Pvp Serverler,Metin2 Emek Server Arıyorsan OLiva İle Tanı Guild Wins Blitz Survival Games. Guild Wins The TNT Games. Guild Wins Crazy Walls. Guild Wins UHC Champions. Guild Wins VampireZ. Guild Wins Walls. Guild Wins Mega Walls. Guild EXP In Arcade. Guild EXP In Arena Brawl

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Rank Guild Name Level Points Create Date Guild Master; 1: Shogun: 5: 588 959: 11.09.2021 [SHGN][GA]Ramsej: 2: RevolutionaryArmy: 5: 234 469: 15.09.2021 [RA-GA]Santilmo: Guild Rank 1. At rank one, your reward is a guild. Congratulations. The first thing you will notice is that you now have access to the guild screen. There are five tabs, each governing a different. 905. Guild Master (title is actually Chuck Norris) -> Senior Officer -> Admin -> Elite -> Veteran -> Member -> Initiate -> Loiterer -> Alt. There is a rank for officer alts too just so they don't have to switch to their mains for inviting people. We also have the rank Big Vagina for when someone is being a giant douche

All guild rank structures are basically the above at their core. Whether you're a fan of military ranks or not, every rank has to map to some sort of in-game rank -- and in-game ranks are usually just Leader, Officer, and Non-Officer 501 Guild Flags! Discussion on 501 Guild Flags! within the Metin2 PServer Guides & Strategies forum part of the Metin2 Private Server category. 01/17/2012, 19:2

This should be fixed in the next update. The ranks cannot be deleted because we sync them with the Armory and they are there for if you do use that rank. In the 7.8 release we will cull out the mislabeled ranks and renumber them as appropriate. Makes sense, ty for your reply! What if you don't use the guild sync tool Hydross the Unstable; The Lurker Below; Leotheras the Blind; Fathom-Lord Karathress; Morogrim Tidewalker; Lady Vashj; Al'ar; Void Reaver; High Astromancer Solaria WoWProgress.com - Guild Rankings, Detailed History of Guilds and Characters, PvE Progression, Recruitmen Usually, a guild won't have all the optional ranks- it depends on the number of people and how raiding is set up. Right now my guild only has like 5 ranks. I think promoting based on guild rep is silly- it's arbitrary, and has more to do with how many dailies you do than what kind of guild member you are Guild Power Rank. Rank 24H Change 7D Change Nation Guild PR; Loading... Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries. Share: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Share Link

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Sa facut un nou update al serverului , va rugam sa descarcati din nou clientul din sectiunea 'Download ' ! Cu stima si respect , echipa AVALON Website Version 1.9.2. Licensed to: SEAL Plus Glory. This website are protected by ioncube and cannot be use without permission of website's creator, unless you are the owner of SEAL Plus Glory . Design and system of this website are protected by copyright. Some images and other materials credit goes to its respective owners List of the most influential server guilds. Rank Guild Name Level Points Create Date Guild Master; 1: Trainee: 5: 705 032 704: 08.10.202 Metin2 - Teamspeak3 Rank-Icons Discussion on Metin2 - Teamspeak3 Rank-Icons within the Metin2 Private Server forum part of the Metin2 category. 04/11/2012, 13:0