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The 1st of October marks the second anniversary of the independence referendum called by the Catalan government. This followed an upsurge in the demand for independence fuelled by the repressive, neo-liberal Partido Popular (PP) government of Mariano Rajoy Madrid's seven-month direct rule over Catalonia ends the same day with a new regional government sworn in. Feb. 12, 2019 - The Supreme Court trial of 12 separatist leaders begins in Madrid

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  1. Catalonia's pro-independence leaders then went ahead with a full referendum on 1 October 2017, which was also declared illegal by Spain's constitutional court
  2. In October 2019, Spain's Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan politicians and activists to jail terms of between nine and 13 years for that independence bid. Three others were fined
  3. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont says the Spanish region has won the right to statehood following a contentious referendum that was marred by violence. He said the door was open to a unilateral.

Wydarzenie, zatytułowane Katalońskie referendum, promował Carles Puigdemont, przewodniczący, Oriol Junqueras, wiceprzewodniczący i Raül Romeva. Uczestniczyło w niej 500 osób, wśród których byli eurodeputowani, dyplomaci i dziennikarze z międzynarodowych mediów Spain is facing political turmoil this week following a contested independence referendum in the region of Catalonia, which descended into violence and left hundreds injured The 2009-2011 Catalan independence referendums, a series of non-binding and unofficial referendums, popular votes, took place in municipalities around Catalonia. In them voters indicated whether they supported Catalan independence from Spain. The first such referendum took place in Arenys de Munt on 13 September 2009: there followed votes in Sant Jaume de Frontanyà on 12 December and in 166 other municipalities on 13 December. Another vote ensued in April 2011 in Barcelona. Il 6 settembre, al termine di una seduta convocata con una procedura d'urgenza, il parlamento catalano ha approvato la legge regionale istitutiva del referendum con 72 voti a favore (Junts pel Sí e CUP), 11 astenuti (Catalunya Sí que es Pot - Podemos) e nessun voto contrario

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Mon 14 Oct 2019 04.04 EDT. First published on Mon 14 Oct 2019 02.35 EDT. On Monday, Spain's supreme court announced its verdict in the landmark trial of 12 Catalan leaders accused of rebellion. Catalonia 4,398,173 67.9% 90.5% 4.6% 4.9% Source: Ministry of the Interior. • Although the desire for self-rule was widespread throughout almost all of Spain, political forces in Catalonia (nationalist and federalist) played an especially strong role in the promotion and development of the 'State of the Autonomies'. The Catalan an In 2019, the new Spanish government agreed to hold a 'table of negotiations' with the government of Catalonia, though refusing beforehand to consider independence or self-determination. In 2020, the Spanish government began processing a request for the pardon of the arrested leaders, which was effective in June 2021 About Referendum Catalonia 'Catalonia should be an independent country?' After closing the platform in 2014 due to the continuous online attacks we received, in 2019 we decided to go back, stronger and with only one goal: to get Catalonia to freely vote for its future According to pro-consultation parties, this law will provide the legal basis for the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Artur Mas, to hold the consultation (non-binding self-determination referendum) on independence from Spain on 9 November

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December 23, 2019. February 3, 2020. Catalonia is a very divisive region. In Catalonia, they will claim that Catalonia is independent from Spain. But in the rest of the world, they will claim that Catalan Independence is nothing but a joke. Yet, according to the Catalan independence referendum of 2017, Catalonia is indeed independent In October 2019, the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced Puigdemont and nine Catalan leaders to prison terms of up to 13 years, charging them with sedition for their support of the pro-independence process Spain Probes Russia's Role in Catalonia Referendum - El Pais. Nov. 22, 2019. Rob Shenk / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) Spain has opened an investigation into the role of a secret Russian military unit.

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12th April 2019. 0 991. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said that there will be no independence for Catalonia, nor a referendum on the question if his party is returned to power. 'No is no,' Sánchez told a Socialist Party ( PSOE) meeting at Zaragoza on Sunday, in the northeast region of Aragón, ahead of the 28 April general. — Cette question sera posée dans les trois langues officielles de la Catalogne, à savoir le catalan , l' espagnol et l' occitan . La date fixée pour le référendum est le 1 er octobre 2017 Les électeurs sont les citoyens espagnols en âge de voter, inscrits sur les listes électorales du territoire de la communauté autonome de Catalogne. Réactions internationales à la mise en place. Support this channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Epimetheus1776Animated history explained Catalonia independence from SpainCatalan independence vote 2.. Catalan leader appeals for calm as protesters clash with police and set fires in Barcelona By James Badcock 16 Oct 2019, 11:40pm Catalan leaders pledge new referendum as separatists say jail terms.

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Oct 2019, 07:59. Two years after the former government of Carles Puigdemont held a unilateral independence referendum (1 October 2017) in defiance of the Spanish courts and constitution, the political and social conflict in Catalonia is still a key issue for both Spain and Europe. Last week, nine pro-independence members of the Catalan. Protests erupt in Barcelona as citizens vent anger at harsh sentences for Catalan referendum organizers 14 Oct, 2019 10:25 . 2019. In front of the headquarters of Omnium Cultural, cultural organization whose president @jcuixart was just sentenced nine years in jail for participating in a nonviolent demonstration A nonbinding independence referendum was held in November 2015, which resulted in a suspension of the independence campaign by the Spanish president Mariano Rajoy. When Carles Puigdemont took the office as the Catalan president in 2016, he promised to hold a binding referendum on independence of Catalonia, which was organized in October 2017 How the jailing of pro-independence leaders triggered unrest in Catalonia. Protesters clash with Spanish policemen on the highway leading to El Prat airport in Barcelona on October 14, 2019 as.

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Catalonia declares independence from Spain. The dispute. Barcelona and Madrid had been in a standoff since 93 percent of voters opted for Catalan independence in an October 1 referendum marred by. About 90% of the votes of the 2017 illegal referendum backed Catalonia's 2019 after Spain's Supreme Court sentenced 9 Catalan separatist leaders to between 9 and 13 years in jail for. Catalonia welcomed more immigrants last year than any other previous one since the records of the Catalan statistics institute began in 1998.. In 2019, 203,843 people settled in Catalonia coming from outside Spain, roughly 15% more than in 2018. Almost 42% of the new residents in Catalonia came from America (counting both the northern and southern parts of the continent), with 15% traveling.

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Todas las noticias sobre Referéndum 1 de Octubre publicadas en EL PAÍS. Información, novedades y última hora sobre Referéndum 1 de Octubre Catalan referendum: opinion of Artur Mas as president June 2014 People injured during the Catalan self-determination referendum 2017 Per capita spending of foreign visitors in Catalonia 2016-202

Spanish police in riot gear stormed polling stations to prevent Catalonia's independence referendum from going ahead on Sunday. Schools housing ballot boxes. Podemos recupera, en su programa para el 10-N, su apuesta por un referéndum pactado para tratar de solucionar la crisis territorial en Cataluña. Aunque el partido no fija esta medida, idéntica. Referéndum en Catalunya: así fue la votación Última hora del día después del referéndum sobre la independencia del 1 de octubre. 1. Se lee en minutos El referéndum de independencia de Cataluña de 2017, también conocido como 1 de octubre y por el numerónimo 1-O, fue un referéndum de autodeterminación, constitucionalmente ilegal, convocado por el Gobierno de Cataluña, suspendido por el Tribunal Constitucional el 7 de septiembre de 2017. [. 6. ] Catalan referendum: Barcelona braces for confrontation ahead of banned independence vote. By Brietta Hague. Australian greats recognised in 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours List

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Catalonia, autonomous community and historic region of Spain. It is bordered by France and Andorra to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, the autonomous community of Valencia to the south, and the autonomous community of Aragon to the west. The capital is Barcelona. Learn more about Catalonia in this article Catalan President Quim Torra said he plans to push for another independence referendum by 2021 as the region undergoes the fourth day of protests against Spain's sentencing of separatist leaders. European MEP and former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont - in exile in Belgium since 2017 after an attempt by the region to gain independence through a referendum that Spain ruled was.

The court's decision prompted Artur Mas, then the president of Catalonia, to declare that he would call for an independence referendum if his party won re-election with a sizable majority Using recent survey data, Sergi Pardos-Prado explains that support for independence in Catalonia is strongly driven by education and language, and robustly associated with liberal sociocultural values. When it comes to the way forward, there is little consensus on the best outcome for Catalonia: those who favour independence are not in a majority, but those who oppose independence are split on. The Catalan secessionists have for years argued that they want from Madrid what Scotland secured from Westminster in 2014: the legal right to hold a referendum Referéndum en Cataluña, Referéndum ilegal, suspendido por el Tribunal Constitucional, desafío independentista, 1-O, 1 de octubre

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Referendum kemerdekaan Catalunya 2017, juga dikenal dengan numeronim 1-O (untuk 1 Oktober) di media Spanyol dan Catalunya, adalah sebuah referendum kemerdekaan yang diminta oleh Generalitat de Catalunya dan disetujui oleh Parlemen Catalunya, namun dinyatakan ilegal pada 6 September 2017 dan ditangguhkan oleh Mahkamah Konstitusi Spanyol karena melanggar Konstitusi Spanyol 1978 For Catalonia, Puigdemont, a former regional president of Catalonia, said in a statement on Twitter. He fled to Belgium after calling the 2017 referendum. Spain on Monday renewed its. Catalan independence referendum: Massive majority votes 'Yes', regional government says. Spain's national police start seizing ballot boxes and voting papers from Catalan polling station

  1. gly different stance vis-a-vis the recent Catalan independence vote and vis-a-vis Kosovo's secession from Serbia in 2008
  2. The number of passengers at Barcelona airport in September was roughly half the amount recorded in the same month of 2019. Those departing from or landing to the Catalan capital were 2,634,229 last month, a decrease of 48.4% compared to September 2019.. The pre-pandemic levels are still very far, but September is only the second month when figures dropped compared to before the first outbreaks.
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  4. In Catalonia, dozens of town mayors are under indictment for facilitating voting in the referendum. About 20 Spanish police officers are awaiting trial in Catalonia, accused of using violence to.
  5. Updated 1335 GMT (2135 HKT) February 15, 2019 . JUST WATCHED Website names second Skripal poisoning suspect. Replay. 2017, at the time of Catalonia's referendum on independence from Spain..

Il referendum consultivo del 2019 in Romania si è tenuto il 26 maggio, in concomitanza con il voto per le elezioni europee.. Gli elettori sono stati chiamati ad esprimersi su due quesiti. Il primo riguardava l'introduzione del divieto di concessione dell'amnistia o della grazia a soggetti condannati per reati di corruzione 805 Videos of the Repression lived in Catalonia caused by the Spanish Police in the Referendum of October 1, 2017, #ThisIsTheRealSpai (18.10.2019) Spain condemns 'generalized violence' in Catalonia Protesters blocked streets, staged sit-ins and clashed with police, in a second day of unrest in the region of Catalonia Thousands are marching in Catalonia on Saturday to commemorate the referendum of 1 october 2017 and to call for independence. One of them has begun in Sant Julià de Ramis at 8 am and will end in Aiguaviva, in the Girona area, another one goes from Vinaròs to La Ràpita at 2 pm and a Continue reading Thousands march in Catalonia in remembrance of the 2017 independence referendum Segundo exalcalde catalán condenando por desobediencia en el referéndum del 1-O. Una jueza de Lleida ha condenado al exalcalde de Alcarràs Miquel Serra a tres meses de inhabilitación por un.

Catalonia's battle with Madrid over the Oct. 1 independence referendum has created the worst political crisis Spain has seen in decades Joan Laporta va anunciar que hi haurà un nou referèndum sobre l'Espai Barça entre tots els socis del FC Barcelona, però que aquest està condicionat que en l'assemblea de compromissaris de dissabte, que finalment es farà en una carpa al costat del Palau Blaugrana, aquests l'autoritzin a començar la recerca dels 1.500 milions per finançar el projecte 21 Maret 2019 04:38 WIB. Berita 12 Tokoh Separatis Catalonia Diadili, Siapa Saja Mereka? Pengadilan Spanyol mengadili 12 tokoh yang terlibat dalam referendum kemerdekaan Catalonia. 13 Februari 2019 10:45 WIB. Berita Tokoh Catalonia Merdeka dari Spanyol Diancam Penjara 25 Tahun Catalonia's former regional president Carles Puigdemont, right, arrives with his lawyer Paul Bekaert to the Justice Palace in Brussels, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019

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  1. Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia The municipality in figures Statistics A-Z • Advance Release Calendar • News • Ongoing surveys • Open Data • Correction
  2. The CUP threatens Aragonès with knocking down its Budgets if it does not break with the PSOE and guarantees another referendum 2021-11-02T14:50:00.523Z The anti-system formation has threatened Pere Aragonès with not supporting the.
  3. Sense adjectius E-mail. 0. barcelona - 2 novembre 2021 6.00 h. Referèndum. Sense adjectius. Cuixart proposa en el llibre que publica avui tornar a votar però, sobretot, preparar-se per defensar el resultat. Caldrà la desobediència massiva, i avui no s'està a punt, sosté. El document-carta que va escriure al març del 2018 que.
  4. Plantea el impago de impuestos y boicots económicos como acciones de estrategia no violenta BARCELONA, 2 (EUROPA PRESS) El presidente de Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, ha pedido un compromiso para celebrar un nuevo referéndum en Catalunya cuanto antes, sin concretar si debe ser acordado o unilateral, y explorar estrategias de lucha no violenta para presionar al Estado por la.
  5. El Govern aprobará los presupuestos en el Consell Executiu el próximo 9 de noviembre sin el apoyo de la CUP garantizado. De hecho, los anticapitalistas advierten de que por ahora no están en.
  6. El presidente de Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, ha pedido un compromiso para celebrar un nuevo referéndum en Catalunya cuanto antes, sin concretar si debe se

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Ştim foarte clar că suspendarea duce la referendum şi dacă se iniţiază suspendarea, ea trebuie să ducă la demitere şi aici eu vă spun cu extrem de mare seriozitate şi responsabilitate: având o parte de răspundere pentru realegerea lui Klaus Iohannis ca preşedinte în 2019, deşi atunci era cu totul şi cu totul altceva şi nimic nu indica că ar putea să ajungă într-o. Explainer: Catalan leaders on trial over referendum Updated / Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019 11:27 The 12 people on trial include former Catalan government official CARLES SALOM El Referéndum catalán se llama 2019. La lógica para el estado y para el resto de partidos no es solucionar un problema político que España tiene desde hace décadas, sino las próximas elecciones generales. No habrá diálogos entre los independentistas y el ejecutivo ni antes ni después del 1-O, porque a ningún político, o mejor dicho a casi ningún político, le interesa. Catalan pair relive night that changed battle for independence referendum. IT was one of the most momentous nights of Catalonia 's fight for self-determination as Spain's Civil Guard raided government offices in Barcelona, triggering a spontaneous demonstration by thousands of pro- independence supporters. Civic leaders Jordi Sanchez and. More than 2.25 million people turned out to Sunday's referendum across Catalonia, a region in the northeast of Spain. The regional government said 90% of voters were in favor of a split from Madrid

June 9: Catalan President Carlos Puigdemont announces a new independence referendum set for Oct. 1. Catalan officials say they will proclaim a new republic within 48 hours of the vote if a yes. The Spanish region of Catalonia is preparing to hold a second referendum on separating from of Spain on October 1st, despite warnings from Madrid. Naturally, the EU is against any such separation. However, the regional tensions are historic and Catalonia is the rich and prosperous region of Spain with Barcelona being perhaps the most beautiful city in Europe

Sigue toda la actualidad y descubre las últimas noticias sobre el referéndum de Cataluña. Mantente informado de las últimas novedades, acciones y medidas Former Catalonia president, Carles Puigdemont, in self-exile in Belgium after he declared the region's independence following a referendum deemed illegal by Madrid in 2017, congratulated Aragonés. Folkomröstningen 2017 om Kataloniens självständighet, skild från Spanien, ägde rum den 1 oktober 2017.Den var ensidigt utlyst av Kataloniens parlament och bar den officiella titeln Folkomröstning om Kataloniens självbestämmande (katalanska: Referèndum d'Autodeterminació de Catalunya).För att förhindra den ogiltigförklarade folkomröstningen från att genomföras hade Spanien. Catalonia rundt. 25. - 31. mars 2019. Catalonia rundt 2019 var den 99. utgaven av sykkelrittet Catalonia rundt og ble arrangert fra 25. til 31. mars 2019. Miguel Ángel López vant sammenlagt El 14 de octubre de 2019 se produjeron cortes de carreteras y vías ferroviarias en Cataluña en protesta por la sentencia condenatoria a los líderes del procés.El Aeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat fue colapsado por miles de manifestantes independentistas, provocando la cancelación de 108 vuelos. En Girona grupos de manifestantes paralizaron el servicio de AVE tras ocupar las vías del tren

The crisis in Catalonia began on 1 October after the Catalan parliament held a referendum on independence which the Madrid government had already declared illegal.. The Civil Guard, Spain's semi. Todas las noticias de Cataluña y de sus cuatro provincias: Barcelona, Gerona, Lérida y Tarragona. Toda la actualidad catalana, en EL MUNDO

Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain explained. Published 18 October 2019. Catalonia referendum: Thousands turn out for closing rally. Published 30 September 2017. Top Stories ; Catalonia's push for independence is far from new Información sobre el referéndum de independencia de Cataluña de 2017. Noticias, fotos y vídeos del referéndum de independencia de Cataluña

Le procès des indépendantistes catalans devant le Tribunal suprême d'Espagne, nom de dossier Causa Especial 20907/2017, a débuté le 12 février 2019, à la suite d'une instruction qui s'est étendue d' octobre 2017 à juillet 2018.L'audience s'est terminée le 12 juin 2019 et le verdict fut rendu le 14 octobre 2019

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El Parlament de Catalunya ha vuelto así a una apuesta mayoritaria por el referéndum solo si este es pactado con el Estado, una vía que no era hegemónica desde los primeros compases del procés. A Catalunya. Des del 2011, el llavors president del Govern Espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, es negà a negociar amb el Parlament Català per a donar més concessions a Catalunya, especialment quant als assumptes dels tributs cobrats per Madrid a Catalunya. Des d'aleshores la negativa del govern central va suposar una motivació creixent perquè s'organitzara un referèndum a Catalunya per decidir. Referendum kemerdekaan Catalonia 2017, juga dikenali sebagai 1-O dalam media Sepanyol dan Catalonia, adalah sebuah referendum atau pungutan suara kemerdekaan yang diketuai oleh Generalitat Catalonia dan diluluskan oleh Parlimen Catalonia, namun ia diisytiharkan sebagai haram pada 6 September 2017 dan digantung oleh Mahkamah Perlembagaan Sepanyol kerana ia melanggar Perlembagaan Sepanyol

Sturgeon's bluff unveiled as legal expert claims Scotland 'will end up like Catalonia' NICOLA STURGEON has always ruled out a Catalan-style unofficial independence referendum in Scotland - but a. Silvia Claveria, investigadora de la Universitat Carlos III, subratlla que els baròmetres del CIS indiquen un declivi de la preocupació ciutadana pel trencaclosques català: l'octubre de 2017, un 28% dels espanyols considerava la separació de Catalunya com un dels tres problemes més greus que tenia el país; el febrer de 2019, el percentatge havia caigut al 7,1%

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2014 Catalan self-determination referendum. 2014 Catalan self-determination referendum; 9 November 2014. Do you want Catalonia to become a state? In case of affirmative answer, do you want this state to become independent? Referendum results by district where saturation of colour represents the strength of vote. 'Yes-Yes' is represented in green El presidente de Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, ha pedido un compromiso para celebrar un nuevo referéndum en Catalunya cuanto antes, sin concretar si debe ser acordado o unilateral, y explorar. Creieu que és cert allò que es diu de que els catalans semblem alemanys? fa 1 hora 153 respostes. El Bloc Sobiranista s'integra dins d'Aliança Catalana. fa 28 minuts 135 respostes. Àustria prepara la població per a una apagada elèctrica indefinida. fa 32 minuts 126 respostes